About Us

Teddy Baby bags are made in Israel with a deep love and understanding of the needs of parents of babies and toddlers. Dana, the brand's bag designer, came from the world of children's fashion, and she was looking for a bag that would suit her daily needs and also look good on the stroller. After much searching in the country and abroad, there was no such diaper bag anywhere. And this is where Dana's experience in the field of children's fashion comes into play - after a few sketches and tests, Dana designed the first swaddle bag of Teddy Baby bags. Today Teddy Baby Bags offer stylish and colorful diaper bags that are used by parents all over the country. The soft colors of Teddy Baby handbags, the design, and the uncompromising quality of the raw materials have made Teddy Baby handbags a must-have handbag for fashionista moms looking for the perfect handbag for any outfit. In the online store you can choose Teddy Baby bags for both boys and girls, easily hang them on the stroller, and travel anywhere without worrying that you will have to dig into the bag to look for items you need immediately.