About Teddy Baby Family

Teddy Baby bags are made in Israel with a deep love and understanding of the needs of parents of babies and toddlers. Dana, the brand's bag designer, came from the world of children's fashion, and she was looking for a bag that would suit her daily needs and also look good on the stroller. After much searching in the country and abroad, there was no such diaper bag anywhere. And this is where Dana's experience in the field of children's fashion comes into play - after a few sketches and tests, Dana designed the first swaddle bag of Teddy Baby bags. Today Teddy Baby Bags offer stylish and colorful diaper bags that are used by parents all over the country. The soft colors of Teddy Baby handbags, the design, and the uncompromising quality of the raw materials have made Teddy Baby handbags a must-have handbag for fashionista moms looking for the perfect handbag for any outfit. In the online store you can choose Teddy Baby bags for both boys and girls, easily hang them on the stroller, and travel anywhere without worrying that you will have to dig into the bag to look for items you need immediately.

וכאן נכנס לתמונה הניסיון של דנה בתחום אופנת הילדים – אחרי כמה סקיצות ובדיקות, דנה עיצבה את תיק ההחתלה הראשון של תיקי טדי בייבי. היום תיקי טדי בייבי מציעים תיקי החתלה מעוצבים וצבעוניים שמשמשים הורים בכל רחבי הארץ. הצבעים הרכים של תיקי טדי בייבי, העיצוב, והאיכות חסרת הפשרות של חומרי הגלם הפכו את תיקי טדי בייבי לתיקי חובה אצל אימהות פאשניסטיות שמחפשות את התיק המושלם לכל אאוטפיט. 

בחנות המקוונת אתם יכולים לבחור תיקי טדי בייבי עבור בנים וגם בנות, לתלות אותם בקלות על העגלה, ולטייל בכל מקום בלי לדאוג שתצטרכו לנבור בתיק כדי לחפש פריטים שאתם צריכים באופן מידי.

About Us

It does not matter if it is a first child or a third child, every parent knows that it is impossible to leave the house without one of the most important accessories for parents - a diaper bag. What started as a simple carrying case that could be fitted with diapers and diaper accessories has over the years become a fashion accessory used by mothers and fathers on every outing with their children.

So that you parents can enjoy comfortable diaper bags that you can take anywhere, the "Teddy Baby" store produces designed diaper bags that every fashionista mom will love. 

In our online store you can purchase a variety of quality models of handmade diaper bags in a variety of designs that are not only beautiful and fashionable, but also comfortable to carry and practical for any outing. The quality Teddy Baby bags are made in Israel from the highest quality materials and you can indulge with them or pamper new parents who need this essential bag.

The clean design of Teddy Baby bags fits on any stroller and will accompany you everywhere. For moms who understand fashion - these are exactly the bags you were looking for for everyday use wherever you go. Contact us for any questions and we will be happy to help and adjust for you and any other mother the perfect diaper bag for any situation.



Teddy Baby Bags Collection

תיקי טדי בייבי משלבים בתוכם את כל המאפיינים שתיק החתלה צריך:

Size - Teddy Baby's diaper bags are large enough to hold all the necessary items for babies and their parents, but they are not large enough to weigh on the stroller or the parents who take them. Thanks to this special design, you can take your Teddy Baby bags anywhere you want without feeling them.

Comfortable division - Too few cells cause items to get lost inside the diaper bags, and too many cells confuses parents and makes them forget what is inside each cell. Teddy Baby bags include the ideal number of compartments for each need - internal and external compartments that can hold all the items you need to go out and a convenient division that will help you find any item you need without a problem.

Quality - Teddy Baby bags include a "blue-white" production mark, and we are proud of the quality production of our bags right here in Israel. Teddy Baby's design and production team works together to find out what the best raw materials are for each bag so you can enjoy your bags for a long time. Each Teddy Baby bag is handmade and with attention to the smallest details, and parents who have purchased our bags feel the quality in every part of the bag.

Saftey - Teddy Baby bags are made with the safety of babies and toddlers in mind, so that parents do not have to be afraid of the raw materials of the bags, the colors of the bags, or other parts of the changing bags.

Teddy baby it's a chic baby

A once-in-a-lifetime collection

At Teddy Baby Bags we believe that diaper bags should not only be practical but also stylish and fashionable. To upgrade your teddy baby experience, we produce special bags once a year that were not in previous collections and will not be in future collections.

In the one-year collection, Dana, in-house designer of Teddy Baby bags, is a once-in-a-lifetime bag designer along with inspiration from everything trendy. So that you can enjoy quality and fashionable bags, it is recommended to wait and see our annual collection.

Like the other products of Teddy Baby, all the bags designed in the one-year collection are made in Israel by meticulous handwork and while maintaining the safety of the materials and accessories that accompany the bags. And the result speaks for itself; The designed collection of Teddy Baby bags is waiting for you, and you just have to wait patiently and see the designed bags that will make you the most fashionable parents anywhere.